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“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

The Chavanne's at Brady Ranch


As “Landowners”, the Chavanne family has no illusions about who truly owns the land that Selah Springs Ranch is built on. “We are just stewards of this place,” David Chavanne was known to say. “God created it and it must be used to glorify Him.” ¬†For over 30 years David served as a pastor, sharing the Gospel through word and action with everyone he knew. Ever since he was a teenager he dreamed of having a place in the Texas Hillcountry and that vision became a reality in 1994. David’s Vision was to share the land and her blessings with all of his guests – always with a spirit of generosity and servanthood.

In July 2010, David Chavanne went home to be with Lord, leaving his clear legacy of hospitality, stewardship and generosity for his family to carry forward. The following Fall, his son Philip and his wife Andrea took over management of the ranch with the hopes of carrying on David’s dream. With their own background in ministry as well, Phil and Andrea now view life on the ranch as a continuation of that mission. Like his father before him, Phil’s dream was to use the ranch to minister to others through retreats, but in addition he soon expanded the vision of the ranch to include a more adventurous side.

“Our hope is to share this place with our guests and to serve them up a one of a kind Selah Springs Experience. Sleep as long as you like, eat more than you planned to, play hard and get dirty – but most importantly get back to basics – turn off your cellphones, share stories around a fire, renew your vows, hike a canyon, and wake up to the God-made stars as they pop out proud and perfect. Our four key values are – Stewardship, servanthood, fellowship, and adventure. If you come here with the proper attitude God will give you a helping of each.”

-Phil Chavanne

Selah Springs

It is true God Blessed Texas and her wonders inside
with beauty and passion and a love far and wide
With swiftness perfection our Lord did impart
To ignite her spirit and give her a heart

He gave us a country of hills all our own
With wide open pastures and footsteps unknown
He bonded his stewards, or so it would seem
And graced a whole family with a simple man’s dream

Now it’s gumbo we feast on and horses we ride
It’s a porch where we roost with a peach by our side
It’s a sunrise, a sunset, a rootbeer in hand
It’s adventure, it’s freedom, it’s our own promised land

So go forth to the table and surely you’ll greet
A dear southern woman and a smile so sweet
That all seems to fade with the west wind away
To a peace and joy that words cannot say

The San Saba is running; the sky is still clear
And mornings awake with the hooves of the deer
The rattle of the cactus, the birds in the sky,
In seeing this Texas you must ask yourself “Why?”

Why am I resting, where can I go?
Is this heaven or earth, Oh God you must know.
Then like a great thunder the telephone rings
And my father he answers, “Hello, Selah Springs”