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What a blast! This was a dream come true and an answered prayer. As I have invested my time in discipling men I have longed for a place to retreat and go deep as well as enjoy some manly fun in my favorite sport, hunting. You guys made it happen. Thanks for being so gracious with the gifts God has given you. The ranch is beautiful – the bunkhouse is picturesque and the management is phenomenal! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For His Kingdom and His Glory,” – R Herber

Fantastic! This place is absolutely incredible, a tool that for future decades will be used for rest, relationships and refocus. The hospitality is second to none. Phil, thanks for everything. It will be fun to watch how God uses you, your drive and the ranch.” – M Henry, Little Rock Arkansas

Robert and I were fortunate enough to stumble upon Selah Springs Ranch in searching for “just the right place” to get married in the Hill Country. If you are looking for a peaceful, unusual, beautiful natural setting to hold your wedding – this is it. Don’t let the location deter you if you are not located specifically in ‘west Texas’ – we live in the DFW area and this venue is well worth the short trip! It was central for guests from every direction to meet and they loved “getting away” for the weekend to the beautiful country setting. There is a lovely wedding site by the river that makes the most glorious trickling sound for your background “music”. There are tons of perfect spots for your special photos, and trees for shade if you need it for your ceremony. One thing I really appreciated was that the chairs (available in white or wood) and tables for your reception are included in the price rather than an extra fee for each like most venues charge. There are other decorative accessories available or you can bring your own decorations in. However, the ranch is so naturally beautiful, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on flowers, candles, and decorations. Let nature provide the backdrop and you two be the focal point.” – L Woodell, Irving TX

What a place the Good Lord has gifted you with, Chavannes. It has been my pleasure to be here this week, and I have immensely enjoyed becoming a caretaker in however small a measure. I think that the quietness and the restfulness of Selah Springs will continue to work its way into my spirit as the daily grind starts to seep back in. –B Haley Golden Colorado

It was amazing to experience the elements, the beauty and the fun with friends on Selah Springs Ranch. This place seems to add years to your life. God was exhibiting his genius when he created this place. It was a treasure to be able to experience this once in my life.” – J Sully